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Clippie/Eye Glass/glasses/spectacles/Pen/Ear plugs/holder/new

Clippie/Eye Glass/glasses/spectacles/Pen/Ear plugs/holder/new
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  • Brand: Clippie
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Purpose: Eye Glass Holder
  • Age Group: All

Clippie Eye Glass Holder

Eye Glass Holder - Tired of wasting time looking for your glasses? 
Tired of feeling foolish because you can’t read what’s in front of you? 
The Clippie keeps your eyeglasses as close as your fingertips at all times.
Sunglasses Holder - Ever lost a pair of sunglasses over the boat? 
Had to leave them on the beach while you go for a ski? 
Hook The Clippie over your canvas chair, or onto your surf shorts and enjoy the sun! 
Headphones Holder - Tired of pulling a tangled mess out of your pocket when you want to listen to your iphone or mp3 player? 
The Clippie will keep those earbud strings organized and readily available.
The Clippie has many other uses including a bag closer, keeping electric wires together, bread bag closer, pen holder, name badge holder to name a few. 
Available in several colors chosen at random either singly or packs of 3.
Clippies can be personalised too with your country flag or logo, as a promotional product.
Packaged well for posting worldwide.


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